Sharing Policies is committed to sharing resources with the scientific community and the general public, so that people may collaborate in ways that have not been possible before. We think this will promote discovery and accelerate our ability to understand how genomes and the environment combine to form human traits. To this end, these are some of the legal tools we use in our research.

Open Consent

Our "open consent" protocol is available for use and modification by PGP affiliates or other similar "public genomics" research studies.

  • Read the Nature Reviews Genetics publication from April 2008. (PDF)
  • Read the original white paper on open consent from April 2007, published by George Church, Jeantine Lunshof, and Daniel Vorhaus. (PDF)

Open Data

We are creating a public repository of integrated genomic, environmental, and trait datasets.

Open Source Software Licenses

Our software development efforts are committed to using GPL and less restrictive (permissive and GPL compatible) open source licenses.