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Enrolling in the Harvard PGP is an online process. Individuals considering participation should closely review our study guide and consent forms. To qualify for enrollment, prospective participants must complete an online exam to demonstrate their comprehension of the risks and protocols associated with being a member of the Harvard PGP.

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Participation Documents

As part of our mission to promote the creation of new Personal Genome Project groups, and to help potential participants understand the risks and protocols of participation, we publicly share documents associated with the pilot Harvard PGP group.

Please Note: The consent forms below are for review purposes only, the signature boxes are not functional in the pdf. Once participants begin the online eligibility screening and enrollment process, they are provided with instructions for electronically signing the consent forms.

Consent for participation

The consent for participation, or the "full-consent". This is the main consent document participants are expected to understand and agree to when enrolling. Approval renewed 02/18/2014.


Study guide

Our study guide explains many of the key protocols, as well as risks potential participants when receiving and publishing whole genome data through our project. Individuals must pass this exam testing understanding of this material before they can apply to enroll in the Harvard PGP study. The study guide is shared under a CC-BY-SA license.


Consent for Eligibility Screening

Consent for Eligibility Screening, or the "mini-consent". Participants must agree to this before beginning the enrollment process. Approval renewed 02/18/2014.


Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Our Material Transfer Agreement, or "MTA", which governs the exchange or use of materials such as tissue samples, DNA, and/or cell lines. Also see, supplemental addendum [PDF].

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If you have feedback about ways to improve the consent forms, we'd like to hear it! You can email PGP Harvard staff using the "Contact Us" button from your account on the PGP Harvard site at