Sharing Personal Genomes

Genom Austria, as part of the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects, aims to create a dataset of openly available human genomes. It also contributes to the public discussion about genomes in science, medicine and society. Sharing genome data is critical to scientific progress, but has been hampered by traditional research practices. Our approach is to invite volunteering participants to publicly share their personal genome data for the greater good.


Genom Austria invites participation of volunteers who are willing to share their personal genomes with the public. Making personal genome publicly and freely available is a great way to help advance our understanding of human genetics, biology, and medicine.

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Open Data

Open data sharing is very important for science. But because personal genomes are identifiable and predictive, many studies restrict the access to genomic data. In contrast, Genom Austria’s personal genomes are openly and freely available for both scientists and the general public.

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Global Network

Genom Austria is a member of the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects. Since the Personal Genome Project was launched at Harvard Medical School in 2005, the network has grown to include researchers at many leading institutions around the globe.

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